Family Addiction Assistance

It is often extremely difficult to find effective and affordable treatment. Heroin Action Coalition is here to help by providing pre-admission screening and referrals for opiate addicts seeking detoxification facilities, outpatient, residential treatment, and case management services at no cost to the individual.

Treatment Navigation Advisor
If you are in crisis and desperately trying to get a loved one (or yourself) into treatment, I am an expert at:
  • Figuring out the convoluted and confusing world of detoxification treatment facilities
  • Dealing with health insurance companies
  • Helping place aftercare, halfway houses and sober living.
This service is free, however please know it’s very time intensive. If you are so moved by the help you receive for yourself or your loved one, please consider making a donation on the donations page.

Warmest Regards,
Lisa Lowe

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