Sunday, January 8, 2017


Help us educate our legislators while they are in session!
January 31ST, 2017 – 8:30am to 3:00pm

—Barbara Mikulski, U.S. Senator from Maryland

Meet-n-Greet with Continental Breakfast
Legislators Present Bills that Benefit Our Families
Families Present Initiatives to Legislators
How to Have an Effective Meeting with Legislators
Meet With Legislators to Discuss Issues Important to Us
Testimony Writing Workshop (Bring a brown bag lunch)
Rally on Lawyer’s Mall – Deliver Testimony / Sharing Stories
Hot Chocolate
For More Information, Call F.A.C.E. Addiction Maryland:
tel:  301-525-6183  <>  email:

Why YOUR VOICE Matters:

Opiate addiction has reached epidemic proportions in Maryland and overdose deaths are now the NUMBER ONE cause of accidental death –higher than traffic fatalities, homicides or suicides!  If our kids were dying of anything else, our state would be under quarantine. In 2015, there were 1,259 drug and alcohol related deaths throughout our state –a 21% increase over 2014 and a 94% increase since 2010.  86% were opiate related –a rate that has more than doubled since 2010.  And we also know that for every fatal overdose, there are 9 survived overdoses –bringing our state total to an estimated 11,331 overdoses in 2015!  This is simply unacceptable!

Maryland’s #1 health problem is also its #1 budget problem!  Untreated addiction causes a serious financial burden on our state’s economy and its consequences are the single greatest drain on Maryland’s budget (15% of our state budget –more than 6 billion annually).  But ONLY 5 cents of every dollar pays for prevention and treatment, while 95 cents pays for the consequences –justice system and police, hospitalization and emergency healthcare, welfare and foster care –even though studies show that for every $1 invested in treatment, taxpayer’s save $7 in reduced crime and criminal justice costs, and another $5 in reduced health care costs.  Addiction is not just a problem for the addict.  It is a problem for every tax-paying citizen in Maryland.  Every Maryland tax-payer deserves a better return on their financial investment! 

Statistics, however, cannot begin to paint the picture of pain, suffering, and heartbreak that families endure as they compete for scarce and often inadequate treatment resources for a substance-dependent family member.  Parents helplessly watch as an addicted child succumbs to the progression of their disorder and its probable outcomes --incarceration or death, when they are unable to access appropriate, necessary, and effective treatment for their child.  The negative impact on our children, families, and communities is beyond measure. 

How is it possible that in Maryland –one of the most affluent and well-educated states in the nation, only 1 in 10 individuals who need treatment for an often fatal healthcare disorder, are able to access the treatment they need? 

…BECAUSE, those who are impacted remain hidden –stigmatized, anonymous, and silent. 

In a democratic society, elected officials are accountable to voters –but they need to know what voters want them to do.

It is not policy makers who utilize OUR system of care –it is OUR family members.  It is up to US to ensure that OUR treatment system is providing sufficient, adequate, effective, high quality treatment.  If OUR system is not working for US –it is up to US to hold OUR elected officials accountable for making the changes that will produce better outcomes. 

WE know what works and what doesn’t.  It is OUR voice that must be heard –if it is OUR families’ lives that WE want to save. 

What YOU Know Matters!  What YOU Say Matters!

SAY IT in Annapolis on 1/31!

If you would like to register as a speaker at the Rally, CALL 301-525-6183!

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