Sunday, March 6, 2016


What If We Could Walk Into Any Hospital For Detox?

That is a possibility right now because Delegate Morhaim has proposed a bill in the Maryland General Assembly that would mandate that ALL HOSPITALS IN MARYLAND provide substance use disorder (SUD) services --the same way they currently provide mental health services for suicidal patients.

Sadly, this bill is not expected to pass BECAUSE HOSPITALS OPPOSE IT --THEY SAY IT IS TOO COSTLY TO SAVE OUR KIDS LIVES!  Yet, they save the lives of those of us in communities across our state with ANY OTHER life threatening, often fatal, disease or disorder.  

Detox in hospitals is not unheard of!  As many of us are aware, several Baltimore City hospitals provide short-term detox --just long enough to find a halfway house bed. 

Please do these three things this week:

1)  Call your local hospital and ask to speak to the CEO or President.  Tell him or her that you live in their community and you are concerned that the Maryland Hospital Association opposes House Bill 908, requiring All Maryland Hospitals to treat or transfer an individual in need of SUD treatment --treatment that could save their life.  Talk to them about why they need to admit our kids seeking help. Then email me and let me know the name of the hospital and the person you spoke with.  

2)  Call Delegates Hammen and Pendergrass (numbers listed below) and let them know that you want this bill to get a vote in their Committee.

3)  Call the Delegates who represent your district and ask them to vote favorably on House Bill 908, despite opposition from the Hospital Association BECAUSE MARYLANDERS VALUE LIVES OVER PROFITS!

Thanks, Lisa Lowe
Heroin Action Coalition
affiliate of Family Advocates Coalition to End Addiction in Maryland
(F.A.C.E. Addiction Maryland)

Peter A. HammenChair (410) 841-3772(301) 858-3772
Shane E. PendergrassVice-Chair (410) 841-3139(301) 858-3139

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