Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Hogan says Heroin is #1 Problem in Parts of the State!
He Would Declare a State of Emergency!!

It seems as if this election, more than any other I can remember, is not about party lines --but about status quo vs. change. Check it out if you missed it:

In response to a question about Maryland's Hidden Epidemic --Opiate Addiction, here are some quotes from the contenders:

Anthony Brown says:  "In June, we sat down with local communities..."  

Heroin Action Coalition says:  Really? --Where were the family support groups? I don't know who you "sat down with" in "local communities", but it certainly wasn't with the families of those most affected and those most able to offer insights into what works and what doesn't.  

Anthony Brown says:  "We stepped up Maryland police..."  

Heroin Action Coalition says:  Have you missed hearing every law enforcement spokesperson, from Gil Kerlikowski, former DEA drug czar, to the officer on the corner beat say, 'we cannot arrest or enforce our way out of this problem'?  Maryland police have "stepped up" to the plate long ago, Mr. Brown.  It is the bottom of the ninth and the entire state is waiting for DHMH and the County Health Departments to stop sleeping in the dugout.

Anthony Brown says:  "Naloxone --We did that."  

Heroin Action Coalition says:  You are joking, right?  Families initiated the legislation that allowed Naloxone to be available to the family members of those addicted to opiates.   Families lobbied to get the bill passed.  And now, families are promoting and hosting the Naloxone trainings at their own expense.  What exactly did you do, Mr. Brown?

Larry Hogan says:  

"One of the biggest crime related issues in Maryland is the growing heroin epidemic."

"...been all around the state"..."was shocked to hear how bad the problem was." ..."the number one issue in Hagerstown is heroin" ..."sixty percent of St. Mary's problems are caused by heroin" ..."in Caroline County, the number one issue is heroin".  ..."Sixty to seventy percent of people in the Frederick County jail are gang related and heroin related."  

"We have a heroin epidemic here in Maryland.  We have been called the heroin capital of the United States."

"Maryland is the only state on the East Coast that has not declared a state of emergency over this very serious problem."

"On January 4th, two days after taking office, I will immediately call a state of emergency and call a summit to bring all of the various components together to sit around the table to find out how we attack this problem.  It is a major major issue!"

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